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The Scary Truth: The Conflict Between Who We Are And What We Want

Halloween is a time of candy and costumes and trick or treating. But it’s mostly a time for people to dress up and “become” someone else for a night. How many people are really happy with who they are the rest of their days? This is one of the central questions for most humans when…

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Lessons from a champion: 3 keys to leading an exceptional team

When Fidelity scheduled Coach Krzyzewski (Coach K), the coach of the men’s basketball team at Duke and the U.S. national team, to headline a keynote for their executive summit, I doubt they foresaw he would just have won his fifth national championship. Serendipity aside, he delivered one of the most memorable speeches in a conference…

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“The Thin Green Line:” The Difference Between Being Wealthy and Being Rich

What is the difference between being wealthy and being rich? It is one of the biggest questions our industry has wrestled with for many years. That is why I was quite excited to read “The Thin Green Line,” Paul Sullivan’s new book. Paul writes the “Wealth Matters” column at The New York Times, and I…

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Lessons From a Play: The Super Bowl Debacle and What You Can Learn From It

I was as dumbfounded as anyone at the end of the game. With a minute left and three timeouts still to use, with the game’s best running back in the back field (who had just pounded out four yards) and one yard to Super Bowl victory, the coach decided to let the clock run, then…

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The One New Year’s Resolution That Really Works

Every year starts with millions of resolutions that are often broken before Valentine’s Day rolls around. However, there is one resolution that can significantly change your life and it’s remarkably easy to put to work: I promise to make no new resolutions until I figure out how to make them stick. The star-studded Market Counsel…

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Mistakes Happen: How to Evaluate and Cope With the People That Make Them

It’s crunch time for the NFL teams as they come down to the final games of the season and fight to make the playoffs. For the teams on the bubble or fighting for postseason positioning, every play seams important, every mistake magnified. It’s fascinating to see how each coach, and every leader on the field…

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Grateful Leadership: 3 Ways to Evolve Your Management Style

About a year ago, I realized that our company had grown bigger and more complex than anything I’d been involved with in the past. While that should be cause for celebration, I was feeling frustrated and so maxed out that I could barely sleep at night. It was clear to me that I had hit…

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In Praise of Laziness: 3 Reasons You Should Be a Little Lazier

Labor Day is as good a time as any to reflect on the way we work and whether we feel good about our work/life balance. Our country, like few in the world, is imbued with a culture of respect for hard work. We applaud the folks who slave through the summer and put in long…

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Law of 1920

The law of 1920: The dollar value of your time It’s not a regulation, but it’s no less inviolate a rule — your income will be completely dependent on where you and your team spend your 1920 work hours a year. In a service business time really is money. The allocation of work time is…

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