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Stop asking for referrals; you’re better than that

At the Schwab Impact conference in Washington, I was on a panel discussing client experience. One part of the discussion caused quite a stir in the media, both traditional and social. While sharing our thoughts about wealth management, I made a pejorative comment about how our industry asks for referrals and the absurd “how to…

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If a GPS can fail, so can fintech

I recently read an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about an 18-wheeler that drove several miles down the pedestrian-only Boardwalk in Atlantic City. The driver was following instructions of his onboard navigation system which had the boardwalk designated as a street. After passing several stunned onlookers, the driver found himself stranded and his tractor trailer…

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Vanguard to seize wealth management industry with its digital platform

Robo-advisors have been around for over a decade, and throughout that time we’ve been hearing that they are a threat to established independent wealth advisors. While they might have attracted a lot of industry coverage, most robos have gathered a relatively small amount of market share over 10 years. Yet in two short years, Vanguard…

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How will client engagement evolve by 2020?

For the past 50 years, advisors in our industry have interacted with clients in basically the same way. We have held all the knowledge, access to the answers and told clients what they needed to do. Like physicians and lawyers, clients have come to us at our offices at a time when we could accommodate…

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The Best Strategy for FinTech Adoption

I spend a lot of time looking at alternatives and making decisions about our technology spend at United Capital. Often it comes down to a ‘build or buy’ decision — should we build a custom application that exactly suits our needs, or should we utilize off-the-shelf software and hope we get close enough? What I’ve…

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FinTech Adoption Drives Financial Adviser Practice Growth

As an experienced financial adviser, you know your business growth is driven by client interaction. All the technology in the world cannot build the trust between people like one-to-one interpersonal contact can. But it can help. A lot. The explosion of affordable, cloud-based technology tools financial advisers can tap puts large swaths of your administrative…

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