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Winners and Losers of the Murky DOL Fiduciary Rule Implementation

There’s plenty of speculation as to what will happen with the implementation of the Department of Labor rule that holds advisers for retirement plan participants to the fiduciary standard. Whether the rule is delayed, amended or implemented, only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s discuss the new uncertainty and its impact on the wealth…

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Time for financial advisers to reimagine their offices

A slew of articles in several media outlets from CNN to TechCrunch have recently highlighted a medical disruptor called Forward that opened its first “doctor’s office” in San Francisco in mid-January. I think it holds an important perspective into what is in store for all of us and how our offices operate. The flagship location…

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Is Your Firm Hip to Tech?

Whether or not your firm is using technology to strengthen client relationships, consider this: 78% of U.S. adults feel digitally ready and very confident about using computers, smartphones, and gadgets, according to a Pew Research Center 2016 study. Digital adoption is no longer optional, it’s necessary. PricewaterhouseCoopers research suggests that 85% of clients use three…

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As the DOL rule kicks in, how will independent broker-dealers survive?

A year ago I wrote about the impacts of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary standard being applied to our industry and the immense implications. Now we have two important news events with ripple effects that impact every financial adviser in the U.S. On Oct. 6, Merrill Lynch announced they would no longer allow retirement investors…

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3 Things Financial Advisers Need to Know When Serving Female Clients

I recently watched an Ellen DeGeneres clip where she makes fun of the Bic pen designed for women. Ellen humorously points out the cliches Bic used in designing and marketing its pen. Their “pen for women” is like any other writing instrument, but comes in cutesy “feminine” colors and is double the price of a…

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