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Be our next million dollar adviser − we’ll do it together.

At United Capital we’ve married the strengths of advisers across the country with our own. We have some of the industry’s leading advisers and most capable minds committed to our mission to help clients live their One Best Financial Life™. We openly share ideas and leverage our collective talents, strengths and resources. In doing so, we’ve given advisers a powerful competitive advantage.

Together We’re Changing The Face of the Financial Industry.

Good things are around the corner. We are as eager as you. We can’t wait for you to realize the full benefits of your affiliation with United Capital. We are delighted by the opportunity to help more clients live their best financial life. We’ve transitioned nearly 100 other advisers with similar practices to your own. In doing so, we’ve come to appreciate the virtue of a sound transition plan. It’s the linchpin to success. For you. For clients. And, for us. Our five-step onboarding process will lead both you and clients to the good things that are right around the corner.


Boot camp without the fatigues. Our training is boot camp style — minus army fatigues, crack of dawn wake-up calls, and in-the-face yelling. We put you through an intensive course so that you can help more clients live their best financial lives and deliver a uniquely personal and distinctive experience. Our base camp is located in Dallas, Texas where you will be immersed in the United Capital culture. Instructors with careers in the trenches, not in Ivy Towers, lead you and your peers in interactive exercises. Together you will live, eat and breathe United Capital advice product, process and delivery. You will have open dialogues, work on sample clients, fine tune your skills and forge bonds, which will serve you well throughout your career. By the time you leave, you will be ready. You will be confident and determined. To be one of the few. The Proud. A Member of United Capital.


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