Investment Management

Making every portfolio personal.

United Capital has negotiated and integrated with some of the world’s leading portfolio managers, enabling you to create highly personalized portfolios for your clients at competitive prices with no hidden charges.
  • Create a professional investment proposal in a matter of minutes
  • Tap into our team of Investment Management Advocates and Due Diligence Experts
  • Access best-in-class institutional strategies
  • Guide client conversations with online collateral and a video library

Learn more about United Capital’s Investment Management Platform from Lenox Wealth.

As with life, investing
requires trade-offs.

What’s more important for you:

  • Keeping costs low?
  • Managing tax implications?
  • Capturing performance?
  • Protecting from bad markets?

We work with some of the nation’s top managers to individualized portfolios built around what really matters to you.

Investment Management - New: Multi-strategy individualized investment solution; Old: One-size-fits-all investment solution

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