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United Capital’s Advice Planning Makes You Different. In A Good Way.

It establishes your willingness to delve into matters others ignore. Unlike your competition, you bring clients’ values, emotions and biases to the forefront. You help clients understand the role they play in the financial process, and together you devise a strategy that best fits the client. Their engagement in the planning process increases and they become more willing to make tough choices. Our innovative and proprietary tools help you create life-changing alignment of clients’ money and personal goals.

Together We’re Changing The Face of the Financial Industry.
Honest Conversations

Advisers are drawn to United Capital so they too can use this powerful and engaging tool. It is an interactive exercise that identifies clients’ fears, prioritizes commitments, and uncovers what makes them happy. After participating in the Honest Conversations® exercise, the adviser/client bond is strengthened and the clients’ needs and goals become crystal clear.

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Money Mind Analyzer

The Money Mind® Analyzer, helps you uncover your clients’ biases towards money. This makes it easier for you to demonstrate how those biases impact financial decisions. Most importantly, it allows you to help improve decision-making abilities and foster healthy communications within the family.

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Client Guidebook

A leave-behind that clients consult—again and again. Clients receive a complete Guidebook with the results of their Money Mind® Analyzer, their Honest Conversations® experience, their scorecard, and much more. The Guidebook is unlike any other financial planning output and is sure to be revisited often by clients.

The Money Code

Written by our CEO, Joe Duran, this NY Times best-selling book describes a man’s journey to reveal the five secrets to living his One Best Financial Life™. It includes a powerful checklist to help with big money decisions, making it a great tool to use with clients and for seminars.

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