Case Study

Lenox was preparing for the next generation to take over the firm. They wanted to move beyond traditional wealth management by offering a more engaging client experience. One that could be easily scalable and repeatable to help clients achieve their financial goals.

FinLife Partners worked with Lenox to evolve their process and toolkit with FinLife CX. This dynamic, user-friendly system helped their advisors provide clients with deeper insights on their biases, intentions and goals around money. Clients responded, with a nearly 100% adoption rate.

As a result, CEO John Lame was able to achieve his business objective of setting the firm up for success. “We’ve been able to use FinLife to transition our clients to a new process that set up younger advisors in our office for success, while increasing client satisfaction and growing our revenue.”

Lenox continues to build richer relationships by better engaging with clients and proving the value of their advice. Their goal is to double their business in the next five years and they identified FinLife CX as a way to get them there.