Case Study

Barber Financial Group completed financial plans for their clients year after year but wanted to provide a more meaningful, consistent client experience. CEO Dean Barber wanted to go with a proven client experience rather than developing one of our own. FinLife CX gave them the consistent, efficient model they were looking for and resulted in an unexpected benefit.

Upon adoption of the FinLife process, their advisors gained better insight into a client’s thoughts, financial intentions and goals. These tools went well beyond traditional financial planning and created a dialogue that engaged even those who were previously disinterested. Like many advisors, they thought they were managing all of their clients’ assets until FinLife Partners revealed otherwise. By putting the client front and center, Barber uncovered over $4 million in assets from a client of ten years that they never knew existed.

Today, they are generating new referrals, driving more revenue, and gaining efficiency with the goal to double their size in the next two years.