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Law of 1920

The law of 1920: The dollar value of your time It’s not a regulation, but it’s no less inviolate a rule — your income will be completely dependent on where you and your team spend your 1920 work hours a year. In a service business time really is money. The allocation of work time is…

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Man Versus Machine

Attack of the Killer Robo Advisers: Man Versus Machine Countless books and movies have been written about the point at which computers shift from being our friend to becoming the enemy. For financial advisers, the battle lines are being drawn right now. Over our entire careers computers have helped us elevate the services we provide…

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Another Shot Across the Bow: Flash Boys

There are good books that make you think differently about the world, and occasionally great books that really make you question the underpinnings of what you think reality is. I believe the new Michael Lewis book, “Flash Boys,” falls into the latter camp. Lewis’ new book might be his most audacious, scary and infuriating work.…

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What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Finding the blue water Like most mature industries, financial services is replete with copycat market-share-focused firms — all the fish fighting for their own pool of safety in the blood red waters cluttered with all types of fish. Matt Brinker, our head of partner development, and I were having a talk…

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Making Volatility Your Ally

Market turbulence—none of us like it. Our clients’ deplore it and our employees can be frustrated with calls when it happens. But just like everything in this world, there may be a positive in the midst of the negativity. The truth is, most of our clients think we earn our money when we are making…

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The Term ‘Rollup’

Why I Hate the Term “Rollup” There’s a lot of talk about advisers needing to find a transition plan for themselves and many options are presented to them, from selling to a bank, to selling to their junior advisers, selling to a peer or the ubiquitous “rollup.” But rollup comes in many different forms —…

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The Bottleneck

The Bottleneck: Overcoming the Success Paradox We meet with hundreds of financial services firms every year and routinely find that after 20 years of existence most of them have plateaued and now derive their growth from stock market performance and occasional referrals. Some are happily where they want to be, but more frequently, it has…

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Finding The Why

I was quite surprised by the news of the departure of Mohamed El-Erian from our neighboring investment firm Pimco. Since we moved into our offices in the idyllic Newport Beach commercial district (appropriately called “Fashion Island”), we have watched Pimco expand and consume thousands of square feet of office space around us. Under El-Erian’s co-leadership,…

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The Beauty of Truth

What a perfect ode to your Valentine — if it’s true then it’s lovely. I was given this poem as a young man, studying English Literature in Zimbabwe. I remember being completely uninterested in having to memorize “Ode on a Grecian Urn.” How could the trials and tribulations of some hand-painted caricatures on the outside…

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